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19 Winter is coming ;)

Hello everyone!

Four days without paper make me little bit sad, but some GOOD stuff going on - I become a DT member!!! (so happy about it) and I start build new place to make photo shoots, 
so it's not perfect yet but...I have a vision  :)

This is 6" x 6 " (15 x 15 cm) card on the Papermania base.
I add sequins, silver glitter ribbon, silver foil and stamp.

18 Princess castle

Hello everyone!
Today I made few box cards with castle.
I used <this file>

17 Lost lagoon wallet card

Hello everyone!

Today I made a wallet card for Dad in polish version.
This is my version of this type of card.

I'm entering into following challenges:

I used:
Tiny Bubbles - Embossing Folder (Cuttlebug)
Lost Lagoon ink pad (Stampin'Up) 133644
Lost lagoon a4 paper (Stampin'Up) 133686


16 Pastel cards for babies

Hello everyone!

Just on the breakfast time I made few cards for children in polish and english version.
This is one of them.

I'm entering into following challenges:


15 Dream balloons

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I made page project using map (which I rotate).
Full work is made from scraps. I only cut two balloons from <this file>
and a jumping girl - using <this image>
Right down corner I made using favorite background technic of  Vicky Papaioannou,
which you can see here. Upper side I planned to make the same technic using circles, but as you see I only used as much circles as is on the map.

I try to translate : "If you don't put your dreams on the wind, they will loose the air"

14 Lifted Becca Feeken card in pastel pink

Hello Everyone!

At first I wanna Thank you DT members and visitors for all comments.

Today I lifted Becca Feeken (Amazing Paper Grace) card
which you can see here.

13 Card in yellow

Hello everyone!

My first not easter card in yellow. I don't know is this the colour so non popular or my customers prefers another colours in cards, but today is the day... for yellow.

The toppers remind me Toscany. Card is universal for all occasion.
Sunny as summer and surprisingly - as today in Scotland.

12 The bookmark for a man with Distress Inks

Hello everyone!

Last months I tried few new technics and things which is not exactly cardmaking (which I made all my life). It gives me back this happiness of creation and explore new things.
I'm happy to say that today I made my first work full of Distress inks, which I use before only to pop up the edges in cards. For a long time I can't understand way making fully ink projects is so popular. I thought is a mess .. (I know funny) But anyway.. I decide now is the time to try.
So I bought few sets of stamps which I think is good to start with.
And guess what happened ?
I love it!
I'm asking myself why I don't try earlier?!
So stampers ... I know now that it a mess but not as big as fun from creation.

This is a bookmark I made:
Front and back 

11 CAS universal baby card

Hello everybody!

 I spend day making baby cards. 
First time in my life I work with craft paper and gold foil in this theme. 
This is my favorite card which I made today.

10 Little house

Hello everybody,
Today I made a box using <this file>. I want it to look crispy white and sparkling.
I think it is a beautiful gift not only for Christmas but for baby, wedding, adoption.
This small box can handle baner, mini album, cards or gift and of course keys for new home.

In July

Hallo everyone!

It's time to make July summary, which is very short. I try to make more projects on this month.

I get this badge <here>

This project you can find <here> on my blog,

Thank you

09 Scottish Summer

Maybe you know about it if no I can truly tell I love Scottish Summer and I don't mind the wind or rain.
I don't even catch is it raining or not.
I made some project inspired my dog - Ricky (he's debiut today), he's not exactly share with me my whether love. He make a lots of things to stay it warm bad.

I want in this project few things that I feel is very scottish:
cow, a sheep called Skye, famous rain (from the clouds), wind (as you see on umbrellas)
and Scottish plaid.

08 Big congratulation card

I've made big A4 card on Anita's base.
Simple and elegant card with a little bit of dimension, flat - matched to standard envelope.
Inside a lot of space for signatures and of course some wishes.

I use <this file>