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Octagon exploding box - full list of materials

As I said yesterday I give you full detail list of materials I've used in this project.

07 I've done huge octagon exploding box.You must see it!

This is the reason of my absence - huge wedding exploding box I've made last two weeks.
This idea growing in my head since two years. Now was the time for it.

In June...

Hallo everyone!

In June I have (first time in my live) luck, not even luck, but I can call it... luck cummulation.
At first (and it is not about crafting) I won money...
12th of June in Euro Million cumulation we took....

(please don't laugh)

and I don't how becouse usualy and don't even get single number

I get 50$ Eclectic Antology coupon in Blog Hop House of Cards!!!
Then I was randomly winner in craft4eternity recipe #233  and get a 3 digital stamps from craft4eternity shop.

I get the top 3 badge  <here>

This project you can find <here> on my blog,

and top 3 badge <here>

This project you can find <here> on my blog,

Thank you for all prizes. 
Believe me or not your comments warm my heart and keep me crafting :)


06 Red, white and blue ... New York (4th July)

Today I'm very stressed.
This is my first layout ever.
I had so much fun with it! (Surprisingly)

If you liked this project it plz tell me what you liked about it. 
I hope you enjoy.