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153. Guest book

Hello everyone!

I have huge problems with laptop and right now I try to save how much I can from my work.
All depends of condition of my laptop. I can't use my Silhouette and 90% of my programs so I'm frustrated all the time (almost). I'm counting days to have a new laptop (fingers crossed).

Today I tried something new and I make guest book.
I used cardboard to make cover sign.
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I used:

You can support me by following me on:


  1. This is so beautiful and elegant. Love the colour combination and the dies you used.
    I hope, you will save your work and laptop.
    Have a lovely day.
    Valerija xx

  2. Dear Katarina back to tell you I made a card using one of the dies you sent me. Here is the link : Owl Fancy Fold Card