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140 18 Birthday wallet card

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you my wallet card for 18 Birthday.

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 I made 3 stamped mats for photos, and a lot places for signatures.
It's a class gift for 18 Birthday.

I used:

Gearwheals Set 0802

'Naval Treaty' UHK Gallery
'Krolewski romans' Galeria Papieru
Love Birds Charms Joy Crafts
rubber stamps 'Travel Ways Rubber Stamp' Tim Holtz 
rubber stamps 'W dniu urodzin' Lemonade stamps
Bordabilities Scalloped Borders die by Spellbinders

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  1. Śliczna marynarska praca, bardzo pomysłowa :) Gratuluje wyróżnienia w Rapakivi :)