209. Boho wedding exploding box with dream catchers - a must see

Hello again !

Today I want to show you wedding exploding box I made in Boho style.
My inspiration was Daydream paper pad collection form Lemoncraft and Studio light summer release dies, which I dream to used in my exploding box.
But let me start from construction , this box measures 4 x 5.25” (10 x 10 x 13cm)

Outside design is simple to not overwhelm beautiful handmade foamiran flowers I ordered from Ewa Constancja

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Outside design is simple to not overwhelm beautiful handmade foamiran flowers [Ewa Constancja] (She make incredible foamiran flowers which are hand cut, hand dyed, and hand form ).
I want this box to fit dream catchers perfectly that's why I design it little higher than usual  4” x 4” x 4 “ (10 x 10 x 10 cm). I made outside part of the box simple to make background for these amazing foamiran flowers. I add even more elements to my flower arrangment [Anna Marie Design + Wild Orchid Crafts] on the Day Dream [Lemoncraft] papers. Inside I want every side handle dreamcatcher. First I ink background to make this composition really pop. I made my arrangement with dies [Studio Light][Rosy owl]and elements from [Lemoncraft]
On the center I add dressing table and I made money packet underneath. Than I add wedding accessories such as groom tie bow, bridal bouquet and boho style veil. I put 1 penny in the drawer for good luck and I glue greetings on the back side of the dressing table.
And it’s pretty all my work.
I didn’t count the hours but you can imagine watching photos and video as well.
Thank you for your time and see you soon.

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