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203. Communion album for Ruby

Hello everyone !

I just coming back after two jobs experience I finished at Friday. Before I change my full time job I have days I was existed but also days I have my crafty life. I was thinking that changing a job for part-time is a good idea, but unfortunately it wasn't work very well. I was more stressed and tired then I can imagine. So I leave my craft studio little behind, and miss it a lot.
Now I back and after excitement of going back to my regular duties,
I come back to my blog.

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This is one of few albums which seems to be very popular right now as a gift for Communion.
This album can hold up to 12-14 photos (4" x 6" photo - 10cm x 15cm).
All pages are decorated with embossed pearl paper. Front cover decorated with scrapbook paper (UHK Gallery , Provence - le mur), pearl embossed paper, chipboard, graphics. 

I add greetings inside.

I'm entering following challenges: 

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  1. Śliczna :)
    Dziękuje za udział w wyzwaniu ScrapAndMe :)

  2. Śliczna kartka, będzie wspaniałą pamiątką. Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Altair Art - tekturki

    1. to nie kartka, ale dziekuje za komentarz ;)