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186. 'English rose' Exploding box with cake

Hello everyone !

This is one of my favourite exploding boxes. It could be a great gift for wedding or anniversary. Fully design In rustic/vintage theme with beautiful vintage graphics.
Have 4 packets with 4 tags - so you can add your photos, wishes and also put money in.

Decorated with beautiful vintage graphics, mulberry roses, pearls and natural lace with a touch of silver. 

If you want to order exploding box contact me please.

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  1. This is adorable! Really amazing project. I love it!
    Valerija xx

  2. this is a masterpiece, wow!

  3. So beautiful huni, love this masterpiece of art. It's a special one to give to a couple on their wedding day, very clever you are with these shaped cards, you have a real aptitude for it xx