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157. Foam-iran flowers workshop

Hello everyone!

I was thinking that creating things is most important thing in my life but actually 
I know that sharing is this most important thing.

I was totally crushed that I lose my blog life somehow.

About the workshops...

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Again I was visiting Ireland (for workshops of course).
It doesn't start good...
After passing few meters on the airport runway plane stopped
and we could hear some information about problems with engine.
So imagine me alone in the plain in the panic attack 
calling anybody who pick up the phone at 10pm.
I hate plains, I hate flights... but I love workshops.
So I convenience myself to stay in.
And with little delay I was in Dublin.
[Little green and zombie but in general good condition.]

Next day I had workshops with fab demo Agnieszka Cebula,
she shows us her master skills with foam-iran flowers.
Also, we can see new RosyDot dies she designs especialy for foam-iran.

They look like this:
And my flowers made using this dies on workshop look like this:

Big flowers are made from 5 petals dies.

I know that you can purchase that dies and foam at Wild Orchid Craft on line shop (UK)

 14 Craft Bar (IR)
Rosy Dot (PL)

Of course I must mention about our host (14 Craft Bar owner) Agnieszka

she made fab job, and we all had a wonderful relaxing day / weekend.

Agnieszka hosting regular workshops in  Newbridge, Kildare, Ireland
you can find more information about it on fb group Art&Craft Workshops in Ireland

Photo of finish project from airport, when I was waiting for plane next to the gate.

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