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15 Dream balloons

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I made page project using map (which I rotate).
Full work is made from scraps. I only cut two balloons from <this file>
and a jumping girl - using <this image>
Right down corner I made using favorite background technic of  Vicky Papaioannou,
which you can see here. Upper side I planned to make the same technic using circles, but as you see I only used as much circles as is on the map.

I try to translate : "If you don't put your dreams on the wind, they will loose the air"

 I'm entering into following challenges:
 Mapkowe wyzwanie SmileArt (Diabelski Mlyn)
- #35 'pelnia lata' (Crafty Moly)
Jak mi sie zdaje wszystkie kolory zostaly uzyte/
all the colours form the challenge palet was used
 #33 'geometric shapes and pastel colours' (13 arts)



  1. Wow this is amazing love your page and added surprises.xx

    1. Thank you. I really enjoy this technic. Mix media is so fun! :D

  2. Jestem pod ogromnym wrazeniem! Piekne! :)